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Federations of Police
     United Federation of Police Officers, Inc.
     New York State Federation of Police, Inc.   


The Federations of Police are not-for-profit labor organizations for

law enforcement officers in the United States of America, operating under

Section 501(c)(5) of the Internal Revenue Code. 

In Memoriam Dallas Police Officers

Federations President Honored by NLEOMF

During a special program in Washington, DC, Federations President Ralph M. Purdy  received a plaque recognizing his 25-year commitment to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund and Museum. President Purdy was one of the original Founders. ( pictured above, President Purdy and Mrs. Karen Purdy)

About Us

     The Federations of Police started out in 1934 as the Westchester County Police

Conference, a primarily social organization of local PBAs that met once a month to

socialize and to exchange information regarding salaries, working conditions,

benefits and criminal activity in Westchester County, New York.

     In 1976, the Westchester County Police Conference membership served as the

startup organizations of  Tri County Federation of Police, Inc. (TCF).  TCF was a

non-profit labor organization (now inactive) with membership of full-time municipal

police officers in the New York counties of Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess. 

    TCF provided to member PBAs a legal plan offering job-related services such as

contract negotiations, defense of disciplinary actions and applications for disability

pensions, as well as offering group welfare benefits such as life insurance, dental and

optical coverage, disability insurance.  There was also a personal legal service plan

offering individual members a discounted rate on personal, family and real estate matters. 

     PBAs outside the TCF area, as well as other police and peace officers, expressed

interest in the organization, but were unable to join due to a bylaw restricting membership.

In 1980, New York State Federation of Police, Inc. (NYSFOP) was chartered as a

non-profit labor organization with a membership field that included all full and part-time

law enforcement officers as so defined in the Criminal Procedure Law of the State of New York, as well as police and peace officers established by other Federal and State statutes. 

This permitted the inclusion of district attorney investigators, correction officers, constables, federal agents, park police, and so forth.  NYSFOP offers the same group and personal legal plan and welfare benefits, as TCF, to qualified active and retired employees

throughout the state.

     In 1981, United Federation of Police Officers, Inc. (UFPO) was chartered as a national

non-profit labor organization.  UFPO membership is open to active and retired public sector employees of the United States Government and/or any state or local government employed in any capacity to provide for the orderly administration of justice or to promote the public health, safety and welfare, as well as employees in the private sector who perform the same or similar work frequently performed by public sector employees.  UFPO offers the same

group and personal legal plan and welfare benefits, as NYSFOP.                         Return to Top

Our Mission 

     To promote the welfare of our members, including greater acknowledgement of their professionalism, betterment of working conditions and financial security for the individual members and their dependents; to endorse, support and propose legislation beneficial to our members and oppose any legislation contrary to the members' mutual well-being and financial security.


   United Federation of Police Officers, Inc.


      Ralph M. Purdy, President                                   
      Stephen T. Reilly, Vice President                        
     Gregory Amato, (I) Secretary / Treasurer               

   New York State Federation of Police, Inc.


      Ralph M. Purdy, President                                   
      Stephen T. Reilly, Vice President                                 
      Gregory Amato, (I) Secretary / Treasurer              

   General Contact Information

               Mailing Address:      540 North State Road
                                                 Briarcliff Manor, New York 10510
              Telephone:                (914) 941-4103
               Fax:                          (914) 941-4472
               E-mail:                      mailroom@policefederation.com
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